Getting SDA in your Plan

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Getting SDA in your Plan

The NDIS is committed to ensuring SDA provides homes for people with very high needs and not just simply a building where they live. This includes limiting the number of residents per house to a maximum of five in a single dwelling.

It is important to note that SDA is not housing for all people with a disability, it only caters for those that need a specialist housing solution.

It is most likely that the NDIA will include SDA in a plan when:

  • the participant has an extreme or complete functional impairment due to disability that requires an SDA response
  • the participant has a very high support needs (including housing needs) most appropriately met by an SDA response including capacity building, mobilising social capital, support co-ordination and
  • suitable alternative supports and pathways have been considered, including capacity building, mobilising social capital, support co-ordination and home modifications.

The Summer Foundation have produced an excellent suite of resources designed to guide support coordinators and allied health professionals in assisting clients get SDA in their plan.

Common FAQs

How do I know if I can get SDA in my plan?

The NDIS has been established to provide reasonable and necessary supports to people with a permanent and significant disability. This means the NDIS can pay for supports that are related to your disability including, where necessary, support related to your accommodation.

As an NDIS participant you will go through a planning process in which you meet with an NDIS representative to have a conversation about your current situation and supports. If required, this will include conversations about your need for SDA. This process may lead to an assessment of your need for SDA.

The Summer Foundation has created an SDA Eligibilty Criteria Flowchart. The chart shows the various pathways to be eligible for SDA. Please note that participants must be able to provide evidence to support every criteria along one of the pathways to eligibilty.


Useful resources

The Summer Foundation's How to write a Housing Plan Guide and Housing Plan Template help support coordinators write housing plans for NDIS participants who want to test their eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding.

The guide provides information on what to include to achieve the best possible outcome for the person you’re working for.

Housing Plan Guide

Housing Plan Template


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