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Information for residents and families


As Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider, Compass ensures that residents have their own safe space to live, for as long as they need and that their accommodation requirements are fully supported.


FAQs - Information for Residents and Families

What is Rent Assistance?

Rent Assistance is a payment from the Australian Government that is available to people who pay rent, receive income support from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and meet certain eligibility criteria. 

Why do I need to apply for Rent Assistance? 

Once Compass becomes your accommodation provider, a different rent policy will apply. Under the new rent policy, rent is capped at 25% of your assessible income plus the agreed percentage of Rent Assistance you receive.

How do I complete an Accommodation Agreement with Compass?
Compass staff will meet with you and your family or guardian to answer any questions you have about the Accommodation Agreement and can assist you to complete it.
Here are just some of the things that you will expect to see in the Agreement:

  • Information on your rent contribution and how it's calculated
  • Our responsibilities as your SDA provider and your responsibilities as a resident
  • How we let you know that we are going to do an inspection and the inspection process
  • Information on giving feedback, complaints and disputes
  • Privacy information

Resources - Information for Residents and Families

SDA Eligibility Criteria

Summer Foundation

Consumer and Family Carer Network

Summer Foundation

The Housing Toolkit

The Summer Foundation have created a toolkit to help people make their own choices. The Housing Toolkit is for both people with disability who require a high level of support and their families, to support decision-making regarding housing and support options within the NDIS.




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