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Trek for the Stars in Tasmania in 2021

15 Apr 2020

Trek for the Stars in Tasmania in 2021

In need of an adventure? There is an exciting post Covid-19 travel opportunity for people that will also help disadvantaged kids to realise their talent and follow their academic, sporting or artistic dreams.

Compass Housing Services is partnering with Inspired Adventures to run Trek for the Stars – Tasmania 2021 to support its Grow a Star youth mentoring and support program.

The five day trek takes place from February 6-10, 2021.

Compass Housing Services’ Events & Community Relations Manager - and trek leader - Michelle Faithfull, said this unforgettable adventure will take place in the, stunning, World Heritage listed, Cradle Mountain region.

“On this adventure, we will be trekking a variety of trails around the Cradle Mountain Village area,” Michelle said.

“From easy shorter exploration walks to day-long hikes and steep climbs up to beautiful lookouts, everyday you’ll face a different challenge,” she said. “Cradle Mountain is one of Australia’s premier trekking destinations. Rocky mountain peaks, buttongrass moorlands, glacial lakes, waterfalls and dense rainforest are hallmarks of this natural haven. And the funds you raise will assist in making dreams a reality for children that will improve their lives or provide a stepping stone to a secure future.”

Michelle said Compass Housing Services created Grow a Star to build the capacity and self-confidence in young people living in community housing to achieve their highest ambitions. The program has since expanded to help any disadvantaged young person to follow their dreams.  Too often, an opportunity to excel is closed off because of financial and family circumstances.

Grow a Star removes barriers by: funding specialist lessons or coaching; purchasing equipment or specialist clothing; funding sports club registration and representative fees; funding some travel expenses and excursions; funding costs of specialist elective school subjects; providing music lessons or the purchase of an instrument; and providing mentoring and support.

Michelle said the program has already supported budding rock musicians, athletics champions, lawn bowls specialists and ambitious tennis players.

“What we ask for is enthusiasm and commitment, which is not usually in short supply among our emerging Stars.”

The trek is described is having a moderate difficulty. To be involved you need to pay a $590 (non-refundable) registration fee, pay the $2750 travel cost and aim to fundraise around $3,000. Support is available to help you fundraise.
To register or obtain and information pack click here. For more information call 1300 905 188.

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